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High quality service without the retail waiting time.
Welcome to Quickfix Computers.
We created the business around YOU, working towards what you were missing out on when having to rely on the bigger brands. Now instead of having to wait a couple of weeks, it’s only a couple of days.
Tech savvy or not, we are so don’t worry if you are unsure! Our friendly team are here to help you find the solutions you need.
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We offer a range of services from hardware to software, from windows to apple. Scroll down for more info or contact us!
Who We Are
Quickfix-computers is a family business founded in 2008 by Graham and Mark Wilkes. 

With a passion for IT and a goal to help the local community, we carry the same values throughout the company, Quickfix Computers are here to help you. Providing solutions to your technical problems, ensuring that you get the best quality and value for your time.
Range of services for multiple devices
Check Out How We Can Help
Hardware and software
Virus and internet security
Backup, duplicate, transfer and recovery. Data is important and we can help you keep yours safe.
Whether you need hardware upgraded or replaced, or if you need help with your software we can assist you.
Whether you have a windows machine or an apple mac, we provide solutions for both.
We can check for viruses and remove them and provide a solution to prevent them coming back.
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Why choose us
  • We keep you in the loop and make sure you know what your machine needs, and how much it will cost, so there are no nasty surprises.
  • Regardless of the issue we will discuss the different options you have and what we think is best moving forward, giving you the confidence in the your decision.
  • Your time is important, so we work to be efficient for you so you aren’t without your device for long.
  • ​Open 6 days a week and easily contactable, so we are here when you need us.
  • ​We are human too! Doesn’t matter if you are tech savvy or not, our friendly staff will help you understand what it is you are looking for.
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About Us
Quickfix-computers is a family business founded in 2008 by Graham and Mark Wilkes, with a passion for IT and a goal to help the local community. Carrying the same values throughout the company, the team is here to help you and put you first, ensuring that you get the best quality and value for your time.
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